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Solera X staking rewards

The annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return earned on an investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. Unlike simple interest, compounding interest is calculated periodically and the amount is immediately added to the balance.

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The Solera X metaverse promise to every user a life in a virtual earth where everyone become energy independent and financial independent.

We use our phone everyday to stay on social media with few gain in knowledge that we can use to become better than the day before. The most of us are getting poor because we love to stay on social media investing precious time that we could use to gain knowledge and work for more money in the competitive market that exist today.

Solera X is changing the rules of social networking by creating a healthy mentality to everyone is using the time to live in our metaverse. First and the most important is to become energy free. We see the future already and the rises of energy prices. Also, the demand will rise higher with the fast urbanization in which we are all a part. This two combined will make energy a luxury commodity that we must have resolved, or we will work and live just to pay the energy bill.

If we have a land and sun, we can find a cheap solution to make energy from this two. Also, we can use the wind, the rivers, the garbage but the fastest way to produce energy is the solar way. Using Solera X tokens we can buy a land in the metaverse, a house and solar panels to sustain our need of energy for the house. But we can go further and put more solar panels that we need just for our need. In that moment, the user become an energy production unit, selling energy for Solera X tokens rewards.


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